Weekly Recap

Week 8 Recap!

While webcomic submissions are currently closed, Ink, Sweat and Tears is still looking for artists to feature! If you’re interested in being featured, you can sign up here.

Featured Comics

|Almighty Protectors by Ave Messer| The Protectors are a team of superheroes, who are often unwittingly thrust into unknown worlds, always in a situation where they will be needed. The comic itself contains a diverse cast of primarily LGBT characters, though their adventures hardly ever touch on these aspects.

|The Devil of Angel Classroom by GeeTee| One day, Natsume finds a red ribbon, and decides to put it on, in the hopes of making herself stand out a bit more. It turns out the ribbon was enchanted to summon an impulsive succubus name Amaranthe, who is stuck on earth until she helps Natsume become more popular.

|Magical Bad Girl Lovely Miracle by Dan with a Plan| Hikari Sakura never wanted her reputation as the toughest girl in school, but her street-brawling prowess certainly comes in handy. When  sinister otherworldly forces begin to set their plans in motion, she becomes a magical defender of justice to save the innocent!


Featured Artist

Adalisa Zarate is a Mexican artist who has loved drawing since she was a little girl. She started working professionally as a comic artist at age 17 and is writing and illustrating two webcomics. Over the years, she has been able to use the internet to build an international audience.


Last but Not Least!

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