Weekly Recap

Week 6 Recap!

This week, we’ve got urban-horror-fantasy, a sci-fi mystery and pop culture/rock opera!

Featured Comics

|Owl People by Letty Wilson| Mr. Tyto is an Owl Person, one of a group of mysterious guardians meant to keep peace and hunt down criminal fairies. When he hunts down an exiled fox-fairy drawn in to the sinister activities of a pixie gang, they both become tangled in a plot that may bring all the worlds tumbling into chaos.

|Binary Stars by Caragh| Anastasia is the daughter of space’s richest entrepreneur and has always been safe and secure. But her dreams show her a life of war, conflict and tragedy. She tries to ignore it, but she is shaken as her dreams suddenly become her memories. Now, she must discover who she was and who she’s meant to be.

|Theater of The Bloody Tongue by Zodiak Lazy| Ariane Eldar, an unaging, multiverse travelling witch, makes a living as a professional performer, doing burlesque theater shows. She ends up getting into exciting adventures with many famous rock musicians, wizards, an eldritch god, a car demon, magic and strange creatures.

Artist Feature

Maddi Bacon is a queer artist and storyteller with a BFA of Fine Art from the University of Delaware. They are the author and illustrator of Desert Spell and Commotion in the Ocean. Their work has been featured in the Delaware Contemporary and the Chris White Gallery. They have worked on public murals, such as the mural at the Wilmington UDairy location.

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