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Week 35 Recap!

Featured Comics

| Thistil Mistil Kistil by Sarah Schanze | Coal is dead. He wouldn’t mind it so much if he could get into Valhalla like he’s supposed to. Before Odin will let him in, he must return to the land of the living to complete a quest for the gods.

It’s bad enough he needs the trickster Loki’s help to achieve his goal, but Coal also finds something among the living he should certainly avoid: friends. As his bonds deepen, Coal starts to wonder if Valhalla is worth it, and if Odin’s grip on him is actually beneficial.

| It Stems From Love by Soya S. Holm | If heartbreak doesn’t kill you, then coughing up flowers will. When you’re trying to deal with one-sided love, the last thing you want are flowers growing in your lungs. It doesn’t help that they seem to multiply the more you see her smile at someone else.

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