Weekly Recap

Week 34 Recap!

Featured Comics

| Ingenimia Aus by Dimbingo Flimbingo | Ingenimia Aus is an action/adventure webcomic about Aus, one of the many aliens–named cees–that live in their secluded town in the redwood forests. Join him as he garners friends, foes, and learns about the world both inside and outside the huge trees he’s lived with all his life.

| Lady Changeling: A Gothic Aromance by Eilidh McNeil | A gothic tale of grief, love and vampires in the nineteenth century. Lady Changeling is a love letter to Dracula, exploring aromantic love and mental illness through the lens of the gothic novel.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

| Threads: Secret Places by The SpiderForest Webcomic Collective | There are 17 original short comics which span the genres of fantasy, sci-fi, realism, and memoir, all revolving around the idea that wonderous things lurk in hidden places. From abandoned planets to fairies in the broom closet, melancholy dreams of missing family to lovers’ hideaways, unexpected surprises of all kinds await in these pages!

Interview Schedule

If you’re a creator who wants to know when your interview will be posted, please check this handy schedule! This week’s comics will be Thistil Mistil Kistil and It Stems From Love.

Last But Not Least!

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