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Week 33 Recap!

Featured Comics

| JOE IS DEAD BY sssfrs | JOE IS DEAD is a story about living and dead pirates. While stationed on an island off the coast of China, a band of sea-faring thieves discover the body of their best navigator, Joseph Cinnabar. They grieve over their dear friend, immediately lay claim to his possessions, and make a disorderly effort to carry out his final wishes.
Morbidly humorous and set in a surreal world where piracy flourishes, JOE IS DEAD deals with themes of loss, fitting in, and bonds of trust between people.

| Extraordinary Times: A COVID-19 Visual Journal by Maria Photinakis | Extraordinary Times is her visual diary of life with a young child during the COVID-19 pandemic and mandated social distancing in Greater Boston, starting in mid-March 2020 and still ongoing. It’s updated twice a week, sometimes more if the situation demands it, or if she feels the need. It’s drawn with pencil and watercolors. This visual journal is her way of recording and coping with these extraordinary times.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

| Threads: Secret Places by The SpiderForest Webcomic Collective | There are 17 original short comics which span the genres of fantasy, sci-fi, realism, and memoir, all revolving around the idea that wonderous things lurk in hidden places. From abandoned planets to fairies in the broom closet, melancholy dreams of missing family to lovers’ hideaways, unexpected surprises of all kinds await in these pages!

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