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Week 30 Recap!

| XII: Of Magic and Muses by Kristen Kiomall-Evans | Willow has a friend with a serious bullying problem. After running out of ideas, it appears someone not human has heard their cry for help. Recovering from the previous night’s events, an exhausted Willow attempts to console her friend Emma. After foolishly tying to stand up to the bully, a visitor decides to make themselves noticed. The magic becomes too much for Willow and things go dark. Willow winds up in the hospital ward, after Georgia tosses her a bizarre trinket that transforms her into a plant-rat-human hybrid and Georgia finds her running the grounds. Luckily, she is able to change back, but not without revealing herself to her biggest enemy. Waking up with new necklace in hand, Willow becomes Georgia’s new target. After a tiff with Emma, Willow confines herself to her room, only to be blackmailed by Georgia. She offers to leave Emma alone in exchange for learning about Willow’s new-found powers. Willow has no idea how to use them, but after some rather awkward discussions, she – or was it the necklace – gives Georgia her own, though with a slightly different experience. Emma becomes concerned with Willow and Georgia’s developing relationship. In an effort to try to even the playing field, Willow asks her to join Georgia’s study group.

Emma eventually breaks down and decides to try for a necklace. After some back and forth, Emma is given her own necklace, with an even greater light show. As the trying trifecta begin to learn about each other on even ground, Emma is able to get the closest to revealing her true powers, to the encouragement of the other two. Georgia’s ‘boss’ begins to get nervous with her spending too much time with Willow and Emma. Georgia shrugs it off and Emma helps Georgia get her first chit. During some magical shenanigans a new monster is let loose. After some intense searching, Emma’s sister Tillie turns out to be the owner of the next necklace. Needless to say she hates the very idea of it, but gives in to Emma’s request to keep it quiet. Being kicked out of Tillie’s room has Georgia and Willow trying out their new magical abilities – and Willow discovers she has the power to heal. They try to get Emma in on the new information but accidentally send out yet another monster and necklace in the process.

| Black Dram by eishiya | Black Dram is about two monster hunters in the city of Dunnin. Although they live over a century apart, they face some conspicuously similar problems: both are bitten by monster dogs that prowl the city, and both gain the attention of a suspicious surgeon named Mr Blair.

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