Weekly Recap

Week 3 Recap!

This week has been all fantasy, some of it revolving around LGBTQ themes and/or characters!

Samm Beck is the creator of Verse, a low-fantasy action/drama comic. It follows Fife and Neitya, two kids from vastly different backgrounds whose paths become intertwined in mysteries and machinations much larger than themselves.


Heirs of the Veil, by power couple Phineas and Jasper Klier, is the story of an inexperienced witch named Victoria Seel. Victoria arrives in the town Port Arbores after receiving a mysterious letter from her mother, who has vanished under peculiar circumstances a year prior.


Stars Burn Out, by Ky, is the story of Ryker, a trans prince, going through the coming of age process. In addition to understanding that there is love and acceptance within his friends and family, he needs to move towards loving and accepting himself.


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