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Week 29 Recap!

| Weird in a Can by The Amazing Chris Godbey | The year is 2004. George, Phil, and Liz are normal American teens at a completely ordinary school… for mad scientists. They have to navigate the typical trappings of every teen drama: peer pressure, homework, dating, killer lawn ornaments, mutants, alien invaders… the usual.

| The First Calendar written by November | This is a story about humanity in a land of gods. Twelve gods make up the Pantheon (January, February, etc), and though each has an important role in the way the world is shaped, the story is really about the humans that they inspire, protect, entertain, dominate, trick, shape, and watch, each according to their own devices.

Join the Narrator as he watches the story unfold with you, influencing the plot only when he absolutely must (feels like it). We begin the saga by watching a hunter trek boldly into the north in search of January. But the only way to gain an audience with the Goddess of the Hunt is to be hunted…

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