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Week 28 Recap!

Featured Comics

| Click Track Lolita by 0becomingX | *Updates Fridays* Click Track Lolita is Arcadia’s local girl band whose quest to obtain fame leads to a discovery of an ancient secret. Follow Click Track Lolita as they try to navigate building a career, finding romance, and fight to be heard. LGBQT+
Rated 16+

| Gurral the Smasher by Richard Mullenhour | Gurral the Smasher is a burly gladiator kaiju. He was born soft and weak, and was relegated to the mines until he proved his genetic potential by eating and digesting impervium, the hardest crystal in the known universe. His body changed drastically, transforming him in a month from pudgy weakling kaiju into muscular armored kaiju.

He was drafted to the Arena, and became champion of the Arena. The Arena Lords, his designers and creators, began to test his strength, his endurance, and especially his patience.

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