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Week 27 Recap!

Featured Comics

| Trophallaxis by Mitzi Medrano and Isa Petrera | Karaoke night with the girls takes a dire turn for Bepe, a homebody who has never ventured far from her shack, when she finds herself waking up with a bang on a whole new planet after one too many.

Lost, hungover, and unable to stop attracting danger, it falls on her unlikely allies and her own arcane power to help find her way home.

Remember kids, don’t drink weird trash.

| Crash and Burn by Finn Lucullan | In the not-so-distant future, tensions between humanity and the ornos — a genderless race of bird-like aliens — are running high. When the H.S.V. Concord, a ship bearing both the ornos’ imperial heir apparent and a group of human peace keepers, disappears in uncharted space, it seems inevitable that the two species will go to war.

But, unknown to those in charge, a small group has survived the crash of the Concord. Led by Cora, one of the human survivors, the group must figure out how to get along, and how to get home… before both their worlds, as they know them, come to an end.

Interview Schedule

If you’re a creator who wants to know when your interview will be posted, please check this handy schedule! This week’s comics will be Click Track Lolita and Gurral the Smasher

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