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Week 25 Recap!

Featured Comics

| Skull and Crossbones by Erin Shaw | Elsie Cross and Lilith Calavera are making it work. Running their spell shop and planning their wedding are enough, but finding the body of a powerful witch is just too much to handle. Join Elsie and Lilith as they fall further down the rabbit hole; meeting immortal beings, shady characters, and a young girl who motivates them to find out the truth. Who killed Tanis Kilroy?

| Dei Ex Machina by Zumie | “My talent comes from a deeper place. A familiarity to those that know. As the lakes of Hastur and the cloudy shores of Hali, Ilek-vad and the twilight sea..”

After being spirited away to another universe, Runie Ortix, a guilt-ridden ex-soldier is still unable to escape the memories of her former life.

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