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Week 22 Recap!

Featured Comics

|The Doctrine of Gnorf by Wes H| THE GNORVES are a fat-ankled, elvish-eared species who live in a mysterious underground system of interconnected tunnels. They believe they survived the apocalypse with the help of an omniscient deity/philosophy/messenger/way of life known only as THE GNORF. When KITCHMAT DORVA, a studious, grandiose 2nd class Gnorvette, upsets a Gnorf of a higher rank, she gets herself SHOT!!! …From her underground home into a world that school didn’t begin to prepare her for.

|Monster band by Evelynn Sinclaire| Monster Band is a pretty straightforward story that takes the long, scenic route to be told. The large, overarching story of Monster Band is about a sexy demon from Earth named Chad, an equally sexy demon from outer space named Kat, and a tiny off-brand vampire lady named Vera leading a team of artisans of different talents and different strokes to fight evils unknown, and free Earth from the mystical forces that shackle the potential of all monster people living on Earth.

In doing so, they unknowingly release an ancient, slumbering evil that aims to destroy the universe! The heroes of this story must warp both space and time to subdue the evil and save not just mankind and monsterkind, but the entire universe as well.

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If you’re a creator who wants to know when your interview will be posted, please check this handy schedule! This week’s comics will be The Windwater Pack: Spirit Brother and Pacifica!

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