Weekly Recap

Week #2 Recap

Week #2 has been graced with slice of life drama, complex relationships and urban fantasy!

Here We Are, by Dirchansky, is a series of intertwined comics about ordinary people navigating their lives and relationships. It features a cast of folks in a logger sports team, but the comic isn’t about logger sports (HA!), it’s about everyday struggles, not belonging, and searching for comfort in their existence, hence the title.

Magnetic North, by Kat Gemmill, is a slice of life story that follows Steve, Jugsy, and Roy from their small town high school graduation through the first year of college, losing high school sweethearts, full time jobs, and just figuring out how to be the adult in the room. Some weather it better. Expect anxiety, angst, awkward encounters, and an extremely easy-to-enrage set of redheaded twins to make things more amusing.

Saints’Quarter, by C.R. Fahey is an urban fantasy/horror-drama comic series that focuses on an odd little neighborhood between Brooklyn and Queens, NY, and the people both magical, non, or Otherwise, who live there. When two new residents move into the ‘Quarter with the help of their witchy cousins, they find themselves in the middle of more and more strange and unusual happenings, even by the standards of their new home. Episode 1 is currently available on Kickstarter!

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