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Week 17 Recap!

Featured Comics

|Stars in Roses by Morghie and Steph| Van is just trying to figure out life, but being a closeted trans boy isn’t easy. Being recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes certainly doesn’t help, either! Stars in Roses is a story about learning to love yourself, despite what life may throw at you. Recommended for older teens and up.

|Pathways: Chronicles of Tuvana by Elaine Tipping| An ancient empire awakens, bent on reclaiming the world they once dominated. A small group of people, drawn together by a common cause, are determined to stop them. However, they face more than threats from the outside….


Interview Schedule

If you’re a creator who wants to know when your interview will be posted, please check this handy schedule! This week’s comics will be Kate Blast and Traveling Seers. Stay tuned!

Last But Not Least!

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