Weekly Recap

Week 13 Recap!

Apologies for being a day late with this recap. I’ve been swamped with work and time is an illusion >.< As of next week, I’ll be cutting back to 2 interviews (every Tuesday and Saturday) per week instead of the usual three. Thanks so much for your understanding <3

Featured Comics

|The Guide to a Healthy Relationship by Dani| Upon discovering his now ex-childhood friend isn’t dead, an emotionally immature alcoholic named Apollo tries to make amends for ruining everything. Unfortunately he is an idiot and the situation is much more serious than he can comprehend.

|O Sarilho by Shizamura| O Sarilho is an action sci-fi story about future Romans who go on a mission to retrieve the remains of an ancient satellite, but end up finding something else…

Conflict, cooperation and facing the unknown await them!

|Fighting Dreamers – Defenders of Dreamworlds by Mannykat| Superpowered dreaming forms of housecats  jump into pocket universes spawned by sleeping creatures. Their job is to prevent dangerous monsters from overtaking these universes and becoming stronger in the process.

Last But Not Least!

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