Weekly Recap

Week 12 Recap!

I hope everyone has been holding up well in these dark times. Be sure to take care of yourselves!

Featured Comics

|Pencil by Gail Ramirez| Arcus Iris is a popular webcomic created by Mandy, Dilan and Rai. Just as things are going well, the team begins to disappear and Mandy believes that her friends might have been transported inside the colorful world of Arcus Iris. What happens when creators are trapped inside their own comic!?

|Meep and Poot by Cody Jaey| Spurred on by a mysterious broadcast, Meep and her dog Poot set out through the vast wasteland in search of the source. Along their journey they run into a varied cast of interesting -and unlikely- characters who will help and hinder them on their way.

|Building Blocks by Adalisa Zarate| What would happen if you found out you were the Superintendent of Heaven? What if the building you were living in had “cosmic” tenants? What if you didn’t know? Poor Joshua, he has no idea what he’s in for. Follow him and his fiancee’s adventures in Building Blocks.

Last But Not Least!

Extra special thanks to patrons November, Bee R. and Tait whose support on Patreon is a HUGE help! You da best <3