Weekly Recap

Week 11 Recap!


The weeks are just flying by~

Featured Comics

|Tales of Terrible things by Sara Rydholm| Sara Rydholm is a creator from Sweden who lives with two large parrots and one tiny dog. She is the creator of Tales of Terrible Things, which is an anthology of short horror stories featuring both human and inhuman monsters. Each story varies in theme.

|The Wide Ocean by The Hidden Elephant| Zahrah al-Sulayhi is a princess lost at sea. She is rescued by a shark-woman and together on a tropical deserted island, they learn more about each other and their worlds. They must survive against the mistakes of the past and, hopefully, create a bright future.

|Everdream: Stars Hold No Boundaries by Lucca Vendramel|  In the far away future, a girl lives peacefully in the planet of Juuna with her family. Maybe too peacefully, since her mundane routine brings her to do something that would put her and those close to her in a lot of danger.


Last But Not Least!

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