Weekly Recap

Week 10 Recap!

Hope you all have been holding up well <3

|The Year of Reflection by BluRaven C Houvener| Bandmates Seeker, Phillie and Jake traverse the underground music scene of Detroit and beyond! The themes of coming of age continue to be explored but now the stakes are higher. Fame, fortune, and a good lay are their goals… but getting there is the real battle!

|Battle Kreaturez by Amphurious| The once-promising Wyldcard team has  fallen on hard times and are now viewed as a bunch of has-beens. The story follows their trials and tribulations as they struggle to revive their failing business and not only reclaim their former status – but rise above it.

|Catlamp by Cerb| A cat wakes up in a world of darkness. The only other light source in the world, a talking lamp, tells the cat that they woke up a few days ago and haven’t seen the sun rise. The cat and the lamp decide to team up to find the sun – and other answers about this strange world.

Last But Not Least!

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