Tarot Guardians Fight to Save the World of Einan – The Electric Rose

Kiara Williams is also known as the one woman group Arcana7 Studios. She’s an illustrator from Columbia, SC who loves drawing, writing, magical girls and kick-ass girls in general. She is the creator of The Electric Rose.

Synopsis: Ten years ago, 22 Guardians holding the power of the Tarot cards died saving the planet of Einan. Now one of those Guardians has come back to life and plans to use the other Guardians to take over the planet they once saved! Using three of the major arcana, Elysia, Karina, and Lorin are brought to Einan from Earth and take the role as new Guardians in order to protect two planets!

Step Beyond the Barrier.
Release the Corrupted.
Take down Death.

Did you go to school for either art or writing? If so, what school?
I went to Winthrop University and I majored in Illustration

What is the main genre of your comic? What appeals to you about that genre?
The main genre is fantasy/magical girl

Are there any other genres that apply to your comic?
There’s girl love/shoujo ai, action, a little bit of sci fi

What was your inspiration for the story?
My love for magical girls, as well as my interest in occult stuff like tarot cards, along with my love for the Persona games.

Do you have any favorite artists or writers who influenced your style?
Clamp influenced my art and writing style a lot, but my style came from all over the place. Persona, Sailor Moon, Precure, Final Fantasy. I’m a big ol’ nerd, haha.

How long does it take you to complete one page?
From start to end, I would say about 3-4 hours per page, longer for color pages

What is your process like for creating comic pages from start to finish? What tools do you use?
I update several pages at once, so I do sketches for all my pages at once, and then a tightened up pencil layer, then inks, and tones or color, and finally dialogue.

Is your comic a finished work? If not, how long do you think you think it’s going to be when it’s complete? Is there a definitive ending or will you just keep going for as long as possible?
It’s nowhere near done, and I suspect it may take about 4000-5000 pages before it is done. There IS a definitive ending though, but there may be tweaks here and there depending on what happens in the plot leading up to it.

How many pages do you have complete at the moment?
The current count is 1360+

How long did it take you to plan the comic before even beginning to physically create it?
Roughly 2-3 years while I was in college. It was something I was just daydreaming about in my free time until I slowly began building a story around the three main characters. The first four chapters ended up being my senior thesis project!

What was the biggest hurdle you faced during the course of making of your comic? If you could go back in time to the point where you just started making it and give yourself a pep talk, what would you say?
The biggest hurdle is finding time/energy. College was pretty time consuming, and now that I’ve graduated, adult life is even worse. Never grow up, you guys.

What is your favorite part about working on your comic?
My favorite part is being able to see my story come to life.

What is the most difficult part about working on your comic? How do you overcome it?
There’s all these little quirks about my characters that I wanna show people and sometimes I have to choose between showing those and getting on with the story and I hate that! I don’t wanna make the story stall, but also my big cast of characters is fun! I’m not sure I’ve completely overcome this problem, haha.

Do you have a favorite character to write for? If so, why? Tell us more about them!
I like writing the villains: Death, Noble Jester when she was evil, etc. I also like writing for Shanton/ Sonic Arrow and Princess Taƫl.

Which character gives you the most difficulty to write for?
Elysia can sometimes be hard because I try to make sure she doesn’t slip too far into the “perfect happy girl” trope. I try to have her be optimistic while still having a little bit of realism to her, while also still being uncommon enough to be worthy of being the main girl in this story.

Do you have a favorite character to draw?
Elysia, Sonic Arrow, or Queen Hemera (all that hair!)

Which character gives you the most difficulty to draw?
Noble Jester and Lucky Roulette can get on my nerves very quickly because of their checkered patterns. Why did I do that?!

Where can we find you?
Twitter: @ERoseComic (Can you believe “Electric” wouldn’t fit?)
Instagram: @Arcana7Studios

Anything else you want the people to know about yourself or your comic?
Please check out my webcomic if magical girls interest you! It’s got action, self-discovery, characters dealing with grief, magic, family, and best of all, love.