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March 2021 Monthly Question

What is the absolute worst piece of advice you’ve gotten as a creator? How did you react to it?

Crystal Avery (BobbyjoeX) of Royal says:

I was once told by someone that the main character’s bed sheets, pillow cases, curtains, and wall colour were so jarring that it made them quit reading my comic and that I should learn interior decorating.

The reason nothing in the main character’s room match is to visually show that he is frugal… and also what 18 year old guy would care?

Niuniente of FUZZY says:

I have been lucky enough not to receive any really bad intakes from my viewers and fans but it always breaks my heart a bit when someone comments that the update was too short. I worked hard for it. It takes me long time. I can’t work any faster.

That’s it for this month’s question! I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about these wonderful creators ! <3

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