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January 2021 Monthly Question

Why did you choose to make a webcomic? Was it an easy decision? Or a difficult one?

Mariah Currey of Rainy Day Dreams says:

Originally, I’d wanted to just go straight to pitching my comic to publishers. It’s still my big dream to be able to walk into a Barnes and Nobles or other big book store and find my comic on the shelves. I ended up changing my plan though after being encouraged by one of my comic heroes to post it online first while at a comic convention.

It still wasn’t an easy decision. I’m pretty stubborn so sometimes I have a hard time changing my mind about my plans, but ultimately I think doing a webcomic was a good move on my part. It really helps me keep to a good comic making schedule and I’ve gotten to meet a lot more awesome creators than I would have otherwise. The webcomic community can have it’s rough spots, like all communities, but I’ve learned so much from being in it that I never would have otherwise about art, making comics, and myself.

Tait of Pacifica says:

I didn’t really start out making the decision to make a webcomic. I just wanted to make a comic like the ones I saw growing up and eventually saw that people were putting their work online. Once I figured out that was a viable route, that was the way I decided to go, but I still just consider Pacifica a comic and not specifically a webcomic.

As for the difficulty of the decision, I suppose you could say it wasn’t easy in the beginning. I had a lot of doubts starting out, but I found that even though I would hit points where I would not be productive for months due to frustration and doubts I would always come back to it, so at this point I think it’s just inevitable that this is something I will work on for the rest of my life.

Perhaps it won’t always be Pacifica, but I definitely feel a need to explore and share ideas.

SHIROASA of Boys Outta Luck! says:

I had deliberated on several other avenues to try to tell a story (writing, video game, VN…) and none of them really worked out. I decided comics would probably be the best way for me to do it since the barrier of entry was pretty low, but I never actually -did- anything other than worldbuild for years until I stumbled upon a comic called Solstoria which inspired me to actually start drawing the thing they call a comic.

Sierra Barnes of Hans Vogel is Dead says:

I’ve wanted to create a webcomic ever since I was in high school in the late 2000s! I remember reading Gunnerkrigg Court by Tom Siddell and The Dreamer by Lora Innes, and hoping I could do that someday. I loved the episodic nature of updates, and how the story was being created in front of the reader–as a reader, it felt like I was there as the story was being made, like I was participating somehow, and it was all very exciting. I also love that webcomics aren’t constrained by length or page size restrictions like print comics, and that color, size, or pacing doesn’t have to be a price factor to consider! Choosing a webcomic format felt like a no-brainer for me when I launched Hans Vogel, and I love it!

That’s it for this month’s question! I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about these wonderful creators ! <3

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