Funding Friday 03/12/21

The Plague and Doctor Caim
Campaign Launch Date: March 9th, 2021
Crowdfunding Link:
Funding Goal: $5,534
How many pages is your book: 112

Creator Bio:  G. E. Gallas is an American writer-illustrator best known for her graphic novel “The Poet and the Flea” about the poet-painter William Blake. Cast Iron Books is a brand-new, UK-based graphic novel publishing company that uses crowdfunding to publish their books.

Story Synopsis: The Plague and Doctor Caim follows the life of a 17th-century plague doctor: an Everyman with a beak. Doctor Caim is hired by a village to treat both the rich and the poor. The doctor readily accepts the position, but goes about the work with much trial and error. Doctor Caim encounters patients from all walks of life, experimenting with treatments while monitoring his own health and watching the stars for omens…


Sacrimony: A Tale of Love, Life and Death – In No Particular Order #1
Campaign Launch Date: March 2, 2021
Crowdfunding Link:
Funding Goal: $1500
How many pages in your book: 30 (40 if stretch goals are hit)

Creator Bio: M. Sorcier is a self-taught comic creator born and raised in New York. As cliché as it sounds, she’s been writing and drawing since she could hold a pencil, however, she lacked the funds and support to attend any schools that could provide formal training. Determined to put her stories into the world, she dedicated her life to answering the eternal burning question of “How do I write and draw the thing??”

Story Synopsis: Khajad  Laohua has no memory of her past, no explanation as to why she has magical powers or why she must hide her peculiar white demon wings from society. Her mother, Yunika, thinks it’s best to avoid  answering any of Khajad’s questions. For now, they must figure out a way to escape what is certain to become their icy graves at the Peak of the World. Together, they venture to find a place called “home” and a means of living a normal life.

But can their lives ever really be “normal?”

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