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February 2021 Monthly Question

How did you come up with the idea for your main character(s)? How do they relate to the world around them?

Tait of Pacifica says:

My cast is eventually going to be an ensemble rather than focusing on one main character, but the first character I created was Gavin.

One of Pacifica’s biggest influences is fairy tales and the woodsman or hunter is often a staple character so that’s where I chose to start my ensemble. I also knew that the cast would eventually include all manner of fantastic characters, so I wanted the first to be a more grounded everyman core for the group to assemble around.

With a “common man woodsman” as the seed for the first character I turned to what his personality should be. I knew this character could easily become a Gary Stu, so I started by thinking about flaws to build around. A jaded and cynical core would be something many people could identify with and a fertile ground for unhealthy extremism. At this point in the story very little of Gavin’s personality has been explored and that’s purposeful. I wanted to bring in other characters before starting to expose some of Gavin’s specific issues.

Now that other characters are coming into the mix readers will start to see, as I stated above, that Gavin relates to most new people with a heavy dose of distrust. That being said, he doesn’t want to suspect people, he desperately wants to belong somewhere, so can be won over fairly easy with a little bit of kindness. Many of the problems may occur when Gavin feels he or the group is not being treated justly. These situations may bring out some of his deeper issues, but what those may be I’ll leave for readers to discover. ?

Crystal Avery (BobbyjoeX) of Royal says:

Well a lot of the characters in Royal were Roleplay characters I made in high school and slowly reworked and then built the world around them. So the world was more built for them.

But that’s a literal sense, for how they fit in the world, Its like real life. You have to get up, go to work or school and bad things keep happening, but it involves magic.

Junior specifically has a bigger role in something out of his control later but I’m not spoiling anything. For now, he is just trying to live his life, pass his classes, not get killed… you know, regular college life 😀

Oliver is better to explain. He is to go through a journey where he learns to not feel useless or weak because he cant do what everyone else does… or something like that….

As for an antagonist. the guy who was briefly shown in chapter 4 is your guy, but to keep things vague. No one knows his name or what he is, why was he cryogenically frozen in the Academy’s sublevels and what would he want with Elliot Welsh who is rather antagonistic himself.

Niuniente of FUZZY says:

FUZZY’s main character is called Fuzzy. He’s a monstrous entity who can’t reflect light. You can see only his white eyes and a row of uneven teeth sometimes when he smiles.

I had an idea of a story featuring a small human priestess, blonde and dressed in white, with a black big demon. Like Yin-Yang. It bugged me for months until I decided I should give it a try as a webcomic.

Fuzzy’s design ended up being completely black because I had no clear image of how he should actually look like. If he doesn’t reflect light and appears only as a flat 1-dimensional being, I don’t have to worry about any details. Just a silhouette is enough. It turned out to be a wonderful decision! Despite of being “just a shadow” Fuzzy is very expressive and emotes clearly. I think that’s part of his charm.

How Fuzzy relates to the world around him is that he doesn’t. Not with humans and not with his own kind, Lempos. He’s an outcast in both and prefers to be left alone. He has no connection to anything, no roots really either, and he kind of like just floats in the space, withdrawn. No one seems to relate to his and his inner world either and Fuzzy never really speaking doesn’t help this either.

NAAN of Legendary Beings Ara & Celi says:

It’s been decades since I created Miyara, but she’s an anomaly, I suppose, in that she didn’t come first. She was third or fourth in the creation timeline for my comic. But the story wasn’t affected that much by her inclusion, since ultimately I wanted someone to be the bridge between the namesakes of the comic (Ara & Celi) in more ways than one.

Her design also reflects that, since originally there was a twin theme when I first started writing the story. (Also, I just really wanted someone to have the hair I want to have, even now. XD) The way she relates to the world around them, however…

She’s very much blah about a lot of things; she’s a bit selfish like that, only caring if it’s convenient or suddenly interfering with her existence. (Not without reason for being blah, as she feels sometimes not a lot is expected of her.) But she generally also doesn’t like certain things: if someone is being too much of a pissant, even for her, she’ll start butting her nose in and egging on or pushing the person to make them shut up. She enjoys this sort of ego fights, especially if hers wins XD She prefers to keep to herself most times, otherwise.

If she’s chosen out of her own volition to do something, however, she will be dedicated. For example, she dedicates time and effort to her school’s softball club, and being considered a generally good player. But this happens rarely in her life. (Or maybe she just doesn’t seek out things…;) )

Mariah Currey of Rainy Day Dreams says:

My main comic, Rainy Day Dreams, is a little particular in that the original characters were conceptualized back when I was 13. So naturally they were all a mix of anime tropes I really liked at the time and self/friend-inserts. They’ve all grown well beyond those initial roots at this point, but I still have a little bit of that underlying character creation philosophy when I’m making a new character. They all still have various little nuggets or myself or my experiences mixed in with tropes or character traits I like or just wish there were more of in media. For example, shonen manga vibes, but coming from female driven casts. I’m a sucker for stuff like that. Or just throw a vampire in there. Never get tired of vampires!

When figuring out how characters relate to the world, I typically make a core group of characters first and then design the world around them. Usually I do this just by asking myself clarifying questions. So like for the main trio of RDD, what does the world look like in which a human, (essentially) witch, and vampire become roommates? Mara has these really specific psychic powers; are they common? How does having them effect the way people generally perceive her? In the case of Michael, what role do vampires have in society? How has that effected his life? These are the sort of world building and character building questions I ask myself and then just follow those thought exercise threads and see where they take me when building a world.

Eilidh/Spacelady of Lady Changeling says:

Lillian is heavily inspired by my own experiences of living with depression and anxiety. V is based on my experiences of trying to help friends out of dark places, but V can succeed where I didn’t quite. My characters are basically all just facets of myself dealing with problems I’ve had (though obviously adjusted to fit a fantastical story).

That’s it for this month’s question! I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about these wonderful creators ! <3

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