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Artist Feature – Ellen Natalie

Ellen Natalie was raised in Utah, now living in Texas, and has strived to keep making comics the whole time. Somehow she convinced her college professors to let her build a comic-making curriculum for her degree. Now she enjoys making webcomics and commissions for a living! (Well, for groceries, utilities, and art business expenses. But she’s working towards it being a full-time living!)

Did you go to art school or are you self-taught?
I’ve been lucky enough to do both! I choose Art and Visual Communication emphasis for my Bachelor’s degree. However, I wanted to apply what I was learning in art classes specifically to comics, at the time none of the faculty were familiar with comic making. Fortunately as an Honors student, I had the opportunity to create my own additional coursework for class credit. I’d take the lessons from class, then teach myself how they could be interpreted into comics.

What are your favorite things to draw?
Anything with organic shapes and flowing lines. People, animals, food, clothing, often all at once!! I love seeing the shapes and lines blend together to create something familiar and cartoony.

What are your least favorite things to draw?
Geometric shapes and hard lines. Buildings, vehicles, fruitcake, and furniture are all a real struggle. But, if I take my time and do them right, it’ll make the organic cartoons like that much more alive and in their environment.

What are your preferred tools of the trade?
For drawing, I like to use simple tools that are easy to replace if damaged – #2 pencils, copy paper, and an obscene collection of various copic and sharpie brush pens. Once drawn, I’ll scan the images into my folding laptop and put the images together in a comic page.

Are you taking commissions? If so, are there any specific things that you will NOT draw?
Yes, through my Patreon account. (Though be warned, there is a backlog I’m currently working to catch up on.) All artwork I make has a strict Safe for Work rating.

Where can we find you?
Furry Experience Comic:

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