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December 2020 Monthly Question!

What was the first webcomic you read that left an impact on you? How did it affect you?

eishiya of Black Dram says:

The first webcomic that made an impact on me was Beast Hunt by gokunobaka. Prior to that, my impression of webcomics was that they were mostly strips, and the one long-form webcomic I’d seen was Megatokyo, so I had a very narrow idea of what kinds of stories webcomics could have. Through Beast Hunt, I discovered the great and varied world of long-form webcomics during what was probably their golden age, and it inspired me to start drawing my own.

Dirchansky of Here We Are says:

Tei & Riki (T&R) stands out to me since I feel like (or assume that) it was one of the first English language BL/queer webcomics to exist. This is back in the late 90s, when artists/authors (especially ones in fandom) would put “warning” labels in front of their “unconventional” queer work before you could actually click to read anything.

I can’t remember if T&R actually had such a warning label, but due to exposure to these warnings and general lack of queer-representation in North American mass media, I felt like I was reading something that had to be kept secret! Ultimately the webcomic was likely my first exposure to queerness in webcomics, which then paved the path for me to seek out similar work.

Other than T&R, I also read various Impromanga series. I looked at the participating artists with shiny hopeful eyes, thinking…someday I’ll also draw comics and put them on the web. Here we are…

Alizarin of Patent the Sun says:

Gunnerkrigg Court was both one of the first webcomics I read and the one that left the greatest impact on me. I still read it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so the impact is quite tangible!

As far as influencing my perspective on comics, it reminded me that what I really like about storytelling and comic creation is the ability to evoke moods and atmospheres that almost make up a state of mind. Gunnerkrigg Court includes so many different fantasy creatures and settings that have stuck in my mind permanently thanks to the comic’s expert storytelling. Specifically the chapter about Zimmy and the kids on the artificial island felt the most evocative to me and is one I’ll never forget.

But while some scenes enchant the readers with mysticism, other scenes are completely grounded in reality. I strive to capture that same contrast with my own comics, since it appeals to me so much. If you haven’t read Gunnerkrigg Court yet, you’re totally missing out and you should go do so right now!

Niuniente of FUZZY says:

Can’t See Can’t Hear But Love (보지 못하고 듣지 못하고 사랑해) by Yeong-Hun Go. It tells a story of a comic artist Min Geun Soo, who’s living with his bedridden sick mother. Suddenly he starts to lose his vision until he goes completely blind. How can he take care of his mother when he can’t even take care of himself?

Min Geon Soo meets a very energetic, lively and stubborn woman called So Ri. So Ri is deaf and she speaks only with sounds; huff, puff, sighs, moans, yells etc. A love relationship between a blind man and a deaf woman who can’t speak is a challenge but both of them are ready to take on that challenge.

I found the comic setting interesting and wanted to check it out after I was recommended it online. The story sucked me in and I enjoyed it a lot. It has the typical Korean melancholic vibe in it; the life is harsh but somehow you just have to make it. It speaks to my own soul because Finnish national mentality is the same; even our Christmas songs are gloomy talking about death, lack and misery of life. But you can’t give up – you just have to keep going no matter what. We even have a specific word for that mentality: Sisu.

I also liked the story as an adult reader. It dealt with adult life issues and real problems one would face in situations So Ri and Min Geun Soo are, both as individuals and as a couple. It was realistic and also hopeful underneath all the hardships.

You are always worthy of being loved just as you are.

That’s it for this month’s question! I hope you enjoyed getting to know the inspiration behind these wonderful creators ! <3

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