About Ink, Sweat and Tears

Typically when we scour the internet for comic or creative news, the first things that come up are always articles written about major comics publishers, what comics are being made into films and video games, what series is getting rebooted for the 50th time, the latest PR nightmare from ancient-minded, out-of-touch creators, who won what award, etc. But why are there so few sites dedicated to webcomics? Why doesn’t anyone talk about us?

Ink, Sweat and Tears is a website dedicated to signal boosting small artists, writers and/or creative teams in the comics world, especially webcomic creators.

If you’ve got a webcomic you want the world to know about or a Kickstarter that you’ve just launched for a printed version of said webcomic, drop me a line and I’ll work with you to publish an interview about what you’re up to!

About Me

My name is M. Sorcier and I’m an writer, illustrator, jeweler and webcomic creator. And I also run this site.

I’ve become increasingly frustrated after years of trying to find ways to build an audience for my creative endeavors, with very little results to show. The only types of advice I seem to get are along the lines of “keep posting to social media and hope that the right person notices and shares your work.” or simply “give up and do something else.”

I know for a fact that there are thousands of – if not more – creators and creative teams who are in the same boat as me and I know you’re all frustrated, too. I made this site because I wanted to carve out a space where webcomic creators can feel special and welcome to talk about their projects and increase their chances of being noticed.  In addition, I wanted to create this space for an audience who’s desperately seeking something new and unique that mainstream comics simply cannot provide.

That being said, I don’t plan on ever making Ink, Sweat and Tears into some sort of pay-to-play service and I conjured this site up/currently run it in what little free time I have. So if you like what I do, feel free to throw some spare change at me via Patreon.

Or hey, read some of my comics!

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